Kamis, 22 Maret 2012

Introduce myself

Hello Ladies And Gentleman this is my blog.

My name is Zsezsa Delanovita, you can call me "zsezsa, sesa, jeja, or another call"
Zsezsa it's mean tuesday because i born in tuesday and Delanovita it's mean eight november nineteen ninetythree. All my son always my daddy give name with when son born.
My hobbies are Playing basketball, playing organ, singing, reading novel, travelling, culinary, browsing, and studying.

I has other account social networks :
Twitter : @zsezsad
Facabook : Zsezsa Delanovita
Skype : zsezsa.delanovita

Tumblr : 

History of education :
I was study at jatikramat 7 elementary school.
I was study at Angkasa Halim Perdana Kusuma junior high school.
I was study at nine Senior high school.
And now i'm study at State University Of Medan Program Study of Economic Education.

I want to be teacher because after my father go forever he leave mandate to me that.

I love you always Dad, i hope you calm in heaven and i will the best prayer for you.

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